Welcome to the page of M-Management.

M-Management is an association which the former soldiers anywhere in the world in many ways.
The Association aims to better recognition of you as a soldier and wants both defence and civil society more responsive to health needs that can arise after a broadcast or any bet you. 

M-Management is conceived and founded by Dutchbatt2-Veteran Jurgen Lars Meijer.
Due to his broadcast he has proper health problems experienced in 2006, this has led to the awarding of the D.I.G. ( insignia for Wounded veterans) it is an important form of recognition for military deployment and the sacrifices that are . 

The care and help out there is for “stranded soldiers” can and should be many times better, so is he convinced that many AIDS questions better, faster and more efficient can and need to be answered. By his own experiences in receiving help and concern is he believes that 80% of what it takes to make good help and definitely there though, only comes this insufficient contact the target group where it is intended for.
In addition, in the veteran “make world” a proliferation of islets and terms.

You can find this proliferation not only in health care but also the organizations themselves that actually should offer guidance in the help and care.
These organizations are often more concerned with themselves than for the target group where they owe their existence to.
M-Management will find this not only evil but also, and above all, unnecessary and tries a solution. So for all soldiers with and without veterans recognition and their parents, partners and children.

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