nl-deSince the late 1990 is the German soldier deployed in international missions. With the missions in Kosovo,
Afghanistan and Iraq Germany has a true ally and so still does not appear.
It is therefore not surprising that the current German soldier like us also about the aftercare and the recognition should.
Through history is such an expression of support and recognition very difficult.
It is precisely for this reason that only since 2012 the German soldiers have their own Veterans Day.
Now they can more about international support and recognition. At least if it to the international military light.
Soldiers from different countries more and more support for the German soldiers at the commemorations and
Wreath laying went, both within Germany, if it

Management is of the opinion that 70 years later, however, we should not forget history, but that we now finally go sometimes accept that
times have changed and the occupying forces until then is no longer available.
Because the Foundation itself very well imagine, that the German army is them recognition and respect from a sense of incomprehension and discontent, a process that wants Foundation in building their support and Show that we respect their Alliance miserably and international deployment .
The Foundation therefore supports also projects, the German soldier. Facebook the Foundation in support of the German armed forces and their families through this together and thus try to create understanding and recognition.  It is a Bescheidden, but every little bit helps.

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